Flexibility, discretion and control in the capital raising process

Brinson Patrick raises equity capital for its clients: quickly, steadily, cost-effectively, discreetly, and with little or no impact to stock price.

Seventeen years’ experience raising capital for small cap through Fortune 500 public companies has allowed us to hone the techniques that give our clients control, flexibility and results on their own terms.

Leveraging our deep expertise and proven DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) ATM financing facility to serve issuers only, we manage the impact, cost, and risk of raising equity capital, while driving the greatest possible value with the lowest possible cost.

Unparalleled Control

Brinson Patrick’s DOCS® ATM offering is a flexible, proven way to manage impact, cost and risk.
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Unique Approach

Brinson Patrick’s DOCS® financing facility is a low-profile capital raising method that provides complete control over the process.
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Proven Expertise

Brinson Patrick is a proven investment bank that has benefited an array of loyal clients for more than 15 years.
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Now providing equity research and independent analysis to better serve the needs of our life sciences clients.
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