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When you execute an at-the-market offering with Brinson Patrick using our DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) ATM financing facility, our trading desk’s only goal is to meet your company’s objective of raising capital while minimizing market impact and opportunity costs. Brinson Patrick stays in close communication with clients and remains focused on price, order size, trading venues, and speed of execution. We blend our orders to match the day’s activity and adapt to intraday market conditions, and we are adept at combining manual trading with automated trading, as well as utilizing multiple exchanges.

All ATMs are not created equally

Unlike many other investment banks, we do not pursue lines of business that might put us in conflict with your interests. Businesses such as market-making, proprietary trading, institutional sales and trading provide incentives that might conflict with the interests of the various client groups served by other investment banks. Our sole business is trading on your behalf, so our interests are completely aligned with the interests of our clients.

Brinson Patrick’s DOCS® ATM offering

  • Brinson Patrick's DOCS® ATM OfferingProvides clients with flexible access to capital, working well both for companies putting capital to work slowly and for those raising large amounts of capital fast;
  • Lets management teams dictate when capital is raised, as well as how much and at what price;
  • Minimizes the cost of capital because shares are sold at current market prices without impact to stock price and without warrants to unnecessarily dilute current shares;
  • Allows organizations to opportunistically benefit from unusually strong trading in its stock, that is often short lived;
  • Is an efficient supplement to traditional secondary equity offerings;
  • Is ideally suited to small increments of common stock without going through the hoops of a traditional secondary equity offering;
  • Can put a company in a better position to raise large amounts of capital in the future as they can be used to build up cash reserves.

Most bankers pitched us different variations of what they called ATMs. But Brinson Patrick was unique and came to us with their DOCS® facility, a true at-the-market offering, which gave us more control and flexibility in the capital raising process.”

Chairman of the Board,
Life Sciences Firm

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