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Take control of your capital raising programs

At-the-market offerings, such as DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) ATM facility, are a smart financing tool for a wide range of companies, from small emerging companies with market capitalizations below $100 million to large, multi-billion dollar multinationals, in industries ranging from biotechnology to energy to real estate to auto.

Here are a few reasons a CEO may want to add ATMs to the financial arsenal

  • They provide a longer-term financing strategy that encompasses several financing vehicles, rather than discreet event-driven financings.
  • At-the-market offerings are flexible and reduce the overall cost of capital.
  • ATM offerings provide a long-term financing strategy encompassing several financing vehicles, rather than discreet event-driven financingsATM offerings give the issuer control over the timing and the amount of shares offered.
  • They give the issuer the choice to refrain from offering shares on a given day for any reason.
  • ATM equity financing raises incremental capital over time, which can be a better fit if an organization doesn’t need to raise a large amount of capital in a short period of time.

We were amazed at the flexibility of the instrument; you can raise money when you see the opportunity or have the need.”

CFO, Life Sciences Firm

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