What makes us stand out in a crowd?

The skills and experience Brinson Patrick brings to the table are only as good as the trust our clients have in us. So we see it as your right to know (and our obligation to share) what fuels us as an organization.

Control, expertise, integrity and service

  • Brinson Patrick Securities Corporation: Control, Expertise, Integrity and ServiceControl means providing cost-effective financing alternatives that give our clients the flexibility and discretion to truly manage the impact, timing, cost and risk of the fundraising process.
  • Expertise means that our years of experience, focused specialization, grasp of regulations guiding the industry, and deep understanding of our clients’ varied goals and options give us the foundation and insights to be more effective than any other group that claims to raise capital with measurable control. We continuously hone our specialization and provide an environment to retain the top-quality staff it takes to deliver on our promises.
  • Integrity means having the highest moral and ethical standards, earning and maintaining the trust of our clients, making their interests—and the interests of their stock—ours. This entails full transparency, absolute respect of our clients and one another, impeccable honesty, and no conflict of interest…ever.
  • Service means spending the time to understand each client’s unique goals, coordinating our strategy around every specific needs, diligent communications and reporting (with faster response times than our clients are used to), and constantly exceeding expectations.

We’re both proactive and respectful, doing the legwork and heavy lifting so that clients can continue with the business of the day, knowing—and trusting—that Brinson Patrick is working on their behalf.

Ask any Brinson Patrick associate what makes us tick

Talk to us and you’ll see these are more than words. They’re a part of who we are as individuals, as a team, and as an organization, and they’re woven into the fabric of how we earn the trust of our clients and fulfill their needs.

The team at Brinson Patrick is incredibly competent and do not have their own agenda. They couldn’t be better at what they do and they couldn’t be more honest. That’s exactly what you want in a service provider.”

VP Investor Relations,
Life Sciences Firm

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