Brinson Patrick Re-launches Research Department

– Firm Initiates Coverage on Corcept Therapeutics, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, MannKind Corporation, Opexa Therapeutics and Rexahn Pharmaceuticals –

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NEW YORK, April 10, 2014 – Brinson Patrick Securities Corporation  (“Brinson Patrick”) announced today that the firm has re-launched its equity research department with the recent initiation of coverage on several life sciences companies. The research effort is being spearheaded by Christopher James, M.D., Managing Director and Senior Equity Research Analyst.

Dr. James has launched coverage on the following pharmaceutical companies, Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated (NASDAQ: CORT) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (NASDAQ: LGND); biotechnology company, Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: OPXA) and; biopharmaceutical companies, MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD) and Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE MKT: RNN).  To sign up to be added to Brinson Patrick’s research distribution list, please click here:  Research sign-up form.

“We are very pleased to announce the revitalization of Brinson Patrick’s research department,” noted Todd Wyche, Chief Executive Officer of Brinson Patrick and also the head of the Brinson Patrick division of Meyers Associates. Dr. James, who trained in neurological surgery at Cornell-New York Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, has brought a unique set of scientific, medical, and clinical skills to his coverage of life sciences companies at Brinson Patrick. Moreover, his in-house experience as Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs for Retrophin, Inc. (NASDAQ: RTRX), in addition to his prior positions as Senior Equity Research Analyst at Rodman & Renshaw and MLV & Co., and his tenure on the buy-side at Trivium Capital Management and MSMB Capital Management, are a tremendous asset as we continue to expand and grow the business. During 2014, we plan to continue building out the life sciences platform, with a focus on companies with strong growth potential and novel agents in development for serious diseases including cancer, infectious disease, neurological, inflammatory, metabolic, and cardiovascular diseases.

“At the same time, we continue to expand our investment banking arm through Brinson Patrick, a division of Meyers Associates, LP. This division, created in September 2013 to leverage Meyers’ strong retail network and Brinson Patrick’s corporate financing expertise, has allowed clients to benefit from the synergies of our two organizations. This includes Brinson Patrick’s expertise of employing the DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) at-the-market (ATM) financing facility – giving corporate clients flexible access to capital. We are experiencing robust ATM activity at our firm and expect to see continued industry-wide demand for ATMs throughout the balance of 2014,” noted Wyche.

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With expertise across numerous industries, and a focus on life science and real-estate related businesses, Brinson Patrick Securities Corporation provides equity research, as well as an 18-year track record of employing the low-profile and flexible DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock)  ATM financing facility for publicly traded companies. Additionally, through “Brinson Patrick, a division of Meyers Associates, LP,” clients can tap into Meyers Associates’ suite of investment banking services and its growing network of over 10,000 retail accounts, including high net worth investors.

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