At-the-market financing expertise in REIT, life sciences and more

The DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) ATM financing facility is appropriate for publicly traded companies across many industries.

Our DOCS® ATM financing facility has been successfully used by companies within the energy, life sciences, real estate and hospitality industriesWhat makes Brinson Patrick and our specialized DOCS® ATM offering a fit, is a desire to better manage and control the capital-raising process.

And though our experience crosses multiple industries, Brinson Patrick’s life sciences and real-estate practices are based on a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by companies in these industries.

For publicly traded companies, growth and acquisition trends are driving the need for capital. As a result, ready access to capital and minimizing equity dilution continue to be key strategic priorities.

The bigger banks are coming out with similar ATM offers but they are not as cost efficient as Brinson Patrick, and I doubt anyone can match the personalized customer service that Brinson Patrick provides.”


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