Deep life sciences capital-raising expertise

Life sciences capital market industry expertiseFor publicly traded life sciences companies, Brinson Patrick has the proven expertise to raise the capital needed to grow a business.

Driven by the vagaries of research, regulatory oversight, and the rigor and cost of clinical development, life sciences is arguably one of the most dynamic and complex of all industries, with multiple factors affecting capital requirements and funding needs.

At-the-market offerings such as Brinson Patrick’s DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) ATM financing facility enable life sciences companies ultimate flexibility to raise smaller amounts of cash, and to start and stop that flow as R&D or other initiatives demand.

Brinson Patrick offers a unique financing vehicle that is well suited for a public life sciences company with liquidity in their stock, with positive news flow, and with a need to consistently raise money over time. There are so many creative ways a public life sciences company can use the DOCS® facility from Brinson Patrick.”

Chairman of the Board,
Life Sciences Firm

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