Proven REIT capital-raising expertise

Real estate markets are affected by countless external forces, with the availability of credit and economic trends two of the many factors driving the need for capital in this industry. As a result, ready access to capital continues to be a key strategic priority for publicly traded real estate companies.

Real estate capital market industry expertiseBig equity offerings to raise large amounts of capital are not always the answer for REITs: they involve a great deal of executive time and require companies to issue the shares at a discount to the pre-offering announcement price, limiting accretion in book value from the capital raise. By avoiding this requirement, ATM’s don’t needlessly dilute existing shareholders with price discounts.

At-the-market offerings such as Brinson Patrick’s DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) financing facility, are an efficient means of raising measured amounts of equity capital over time. They allow a company to tap into the existing secondary market for its shares on an as-needed basis.

At the end of the day you can’t beat the efficiency of the program and you can’t beat the competence and customer service of Brinson Patrick.”


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