Press Coverage 2011


Brinson Patrick Press Coverage 2011

10.31.2011 – Nature Biotechnology
ATM cash for biotechs
According to Brinson Patrick Securities, which specializes in ATMs, by 2010 the number of ATM offerings had grown to 26 in the biotech sector (raising $184 million), nearly tripling the 9 that took place in 2009. This year there have been 15 so far.

10.13.2011 – CFO Magazine
A Painkiller for Equity Issuers
Secondary share sales “at the market” grew slowly in the second quarter, but more companies put ATMs in place for future capital raising.

09.30.2011 – The Deal
At-the-market offerings rise in the first half of 2011
Use of at-the-market offerings was on the rise in the life sciences sector for the first half of 2011, according to boutique investment bank Brinson Patrick Securities Corp.

09.27.2011 – The Wall Street Journal
More Companies Reach for ATMs
It’s no secret that companies are looking to diversify their sources of capital, and one avenue they’re exploring is at-the-market offerings.

08.22.2011 – The Wall Street Journal
REITs Hit the ATM for Funds
Todd Wyche provides insight on alternative capital raising trends in the REIT sector

08.22.2011 – MedCity News
At-the-market offering for biotech funding? Review 4 quick perspectives
Brinson Patrick founder and Managing Director Todd Wyche described ATMs as “a great tool for CFOs to have in their tool box when they need it.”

07.08.2011 – The Deal
Investment Banks Tout ‘At-the-Market’ Offerings
Investment bankers are heralding a type of equity sale known as an “at-the-market” offering as a more flexible, less uncertain capital-raising solution for money-starved public companies.

05.11.2011 – Xconomy
Raising Capital At-The-Market: a Prescription for a Solid Long-Term Financing Strategy
Companies in emerging industries such as the life sciences are constantly looking for funding, but uncertainty in the capital markets has made this a time-sensitive, challenging and expensive process to execute.

03.07.2011 – BioWorld
Alternative Going Mainstream? Biotechs Find Funding Options
If the latest economic downturn has taught anything at all, it’s that there will always be more than one way to fund a biotech company.

02.14.2011 – Real Estate Finance & Investment
Boutique Targets At-The-Market Offerings
Brinson Patrick, a boutique New York based investment bank, wants to work with more real estate investment trusts on at-the-market offerings (ATMO).

01.22.2011 –
Earnings, FOMC Statement to Dominate in Coming Week
Investors will be inundated with earnings once again next week.

01.10.2011 – BioWorld Insight
Venture Crunch, More Virtual Firms: The 2011 Biotech Reality
After the economy collapsed in the fall of 2008, biotech – and nearly every other global industry – battened down the hatches.