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Brinson Patrick REIT and life sciences client success storiesWhile every company is unique and the corporate initiatives that drive the equity capital-raising process are diverse, most Brinson Patrick Securities Corporation clients share a desire to better manage—and control—the process.

We’re pleased to share a few DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) ATM financing facility client success stories, from the REIT that raised $82 million while other issuers were finding it challenging to raise capital, to a life sciences firm that raised capital without affecting its share price.

Testimonials are based on an individual’s experience and does not represent every client’s experience or a guarantee of future success.  None of the testimonials/success stories individuals have been compensated by the firm.

We were amazed at the flexibility of the instrument. You can raise money when you see the opportunity or have the need.”

CFO, Life Sciences Firm

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