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Why do More Life Science Companies Reach for ATMs?

At-the-market offerings have been used by experienced Chief Financial Officers at large-capitalization issuers for over 20 years. More recently, at-the-market offerings are rapidly becoming a more widely used financing tool by smaller capitalization issuers as well.

In fact, there has been significant growth in both the number of active ATMs and gross proceeds raised – 35 U.S. Life Science companies raised $224 in 2011 alone.

What do these companies know that others don’t? Simply download this white paper to find out.

The Top 5 most common misunderstandings of at-the-market Offerings
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Among other insights, you’ll learn:

  • The true advantages that an at-the-market (ATM) offering can provide to an issuer
  • Why some life science issuers are missing out because of misunderstandings that CFOs, other C level executives and board members have about ATMs
  • How stock prices react to an ATM announcement versus a conventional a conventional follow-on offering. (You will be surprised)
  • Which leading companies turn to ATMs as their financing vehicle of choice
  • How the choice of an ATM underwriter can ensure your short- and long-term best interests are at heart – or can put your interests at risk

About Brinson Patrick Securities Corporation

Brinson Patrick Securities Corporation is a boutique investment bank that employs its DOCS® (Dynamic Offering of Common Stock) at-the-market (ATM) financing facility to raise the capital for clients as they need it. The DOCS®ATM is a low-profile equity offering appropriate for publicly traded companies across multiple industries and market capitalizations. It has been successfully utilized by companies in the energy, life sciences, technology, real estate, financial services and hospitality industries with market capitalizations that range from $50 million to over $1 billion.

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